How can you make the floor with your own hands

How can you make the floor with your own hands

Before the flooring of flooring, it is necessary to align the base of the floor. The final result, that is, the level of quality of the future sex, will directly depend on the strength, smoothness, as well as evenness. It is very convenient that if you have the necessary knowledge and the skill, you can make the floor with your own hands. You can level its surface using special cement-sand mixtures (screed).

It is necessary to take into account the fact that it is necessary to make a screed at least 40 mm, because in the opposite case, cracking and faults are possible. The screed completely dries in about a month. For this reason, it must be done when the overhaul is mainly done, the screed is done in the first place, but for now, the process of drying occurs, other parts of the repair can be made.

Self-leveling floors

Modern self -leveling bulk floors today are one of the most popular floor alignment options. Bulk floors do not have shortcomings such as cement-sand mixtures. The technology of their installation is quite simple, however, the presence of certain skills and clear observance of the technology requires.

Such floors can be made when the floor difference is at the level of 3 to 20 mm. Burning floors make it possible to significantly reduce the amount of time for repairs, as well as get the most worthy quality of the base. It will be smooth and even.

Choose the level of filling

Such floors dry for approximately 3-10 days, which directly depends on the level of the thickness of their filling. After drying, you can proceed to the subsequent flooring. After leveling the floor, it is necessary to choose the floor covering, which will be covered. Laminated flooring is very popular. With the help of such a coating, you can forget about the need to care for it.

It does not remain dents, scratches and other traces of operation. Laminate installation is very simple. This can be done using special glue or a latch with which you can disassemble and collect the coating several times, while without losing its properties. You can also use a natural parquet board, piece parquet, cork coating, carpet and so on to cover the floor.