Installation of a metal -plastic window on their own

Residents of apartments vaguely imagine whether it is possible to put a metal -plastic window structure on their own. However, the practice of many Russian craftsmen shows that plastic windows can easily be put independently, especially if you know the technology and algorithm for conducting installation works.

So, the installation of the window can be carried out either with opening, or without it. These are two fundamentally different methods for fastening the finished window in the existing opening. The simplest of them, of course, is without unpucking.

Within the framework of this method, the installers do not remove the stacks and do not take out the double -glazed window, mounting the window on the so -called anchor plates. For this, either original plates or universal plates are purchased. The former are attached to the ears included in the groove of the profile, which are fixed on top with a self -tapping screw. The second are kept only on a self -tapping screw, since special ears are not initially equipped.

For a regular window in the kitchen, about 5-7 such anchor plates will be required. Since this method of mounting the window does not imply opening, the design frame is attached only to the outer surface of the wall, while the fasteners existing previously existed. This, of course, is less practical and effective than fixing the frame through the wall, however, for a person who performs such work for the first time, this technique will be the most suitable.

So that the installation procedure of the metal -plastic structure is successful, it is worth stocking up with the following set of tools: a level, hexagon, pistol, a hammer for graduates, roulette, screwdriver, perforator, fomka, spatula, pencil, self -tapping screws, screwdrivers, window anchors, white silicone.