Laying tiles

Laying tiles

Paul and walls lined with tiles do not destroy quickly and look beautiful. Tile finishing at first glance seems an impossible task. Such work requires accuracy, patience and a lot of time. If you perform styling yourself, you can significantly reduce the cost of finishing work. Change in the bathroom and kitchen will correspond to the cost and taste of the owner. If you want to buy high -quality ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles in Moscow, we advise you to visit the online store of the ATV Stroy.

The choice of facing tiles is quite large. Tiles are made of stone, vinyl, glass and ceramics. To make the right choice when buying, you should know why each type of tile is intended for.

Glass tiles have become popular recently. They are used to create rich interiors, to repulse water and reflect light. It’s hard to work with such tiles, since the glass is hard material.

Marble tiles have sufficient rigidity, resistance to atmospheric influences and stability of size.

The art of decorating the room with small pieces of glass or other material makes it possible for mosaic tiles.

Porcelain tiles are used for walls and floor. They are glazed and unglazed. Ceramic tiles are often used for external and internal floors and walls. They are a good electric dispenser. They have two fragility lines, so cutting such a tile is quite easy. It is installed on a special glue or lime solution. You can also use a sealant to prevent the appearance of mold and stains.

When laying, depending on the pattern of tiles, you need 15% more. Shades and colors there are many. The color of the grout should competently harmonize with the tile shade. Mastic and glue for laying tiles there is a large selection. For the installation of tiles in the raw room, it is necessary to use waterproof glue.

If there are doubts about their abilities, it is better to entrust the tiles with tiles with tiles to experienced craftsmen.