The concentration of harmful substances during the work of the Malyar.

The concentration of harmful substances during the work of the Malyar.

The concentrations of xylol and white spirit in the air when stained with a brush of cold heating batteries (temperatures 0-13 ° C) with oil paint did not exceed the MPC. However, it increased sharply when painting (the same paint and the same method) of batteries heated to 80-90 ° C, reaching levels exceeding the MPC by 2.1 times.

The highest content of xylol in the air was accompanied by varnish 177 sanitary-technical networks (on average 121 + 10.5 mg/m3), 1 painting with oil paint (106 + 6.5 mg/m3) and a floor with a mastic of RB-12 with a White -pirite when sticked by PHV tiles (77+6.0 mg/m3). When performing these operations, the content of xylol in the air exceeded the MPC by 1.5-2.4 times. The smallest concentrations of xylol – (38+2.0 – 44,+2.5 mg/m3) are registered when coating with varnish 177 external balcony fences and oil paint of window frames.

Xille entered the air and with auxiliary operations – filtering paint, cleaning the tool. Its average concentrations fluctuated in the range of 90-218 mg/m3. In work with increased harmfulness, special hair care is required.

When painting floors in children’s institutions, instead of oil paint, in some cases, PF-266 paint containing up to 85% solvent is used. Air samples taken when painting a floor with an area of ​​30 m2 with a brush and a roller in winter, gave the highest performance indicators of xylol: 713 mg/m3 at the beginning of color and 860 mg/m2 at the end (on average 803+18 mg/m3).

In the same period of the year, civilian construction was noted at civilian construction with mechanized-carrier coating with oil paints of temperature heating batteries 0-13 ° C (127-235 mg/m3, on average 178+16 mg/m3) and internal surfaces of the built-in cabinets (153-450 mg/m3, on average 244+23 mg/m3).