What you need to know before buying a metal tile

A properly arranged roof makes it possible to compensate for small flaws of walls and materials for decoration. For this reason, it turns out that it is possible to save on the device of the walls using a gas silicate brick, but when arranging a roof, it is better to do without saving. First of all, this relate to competent installation of structures and technical nodes of the roof.

Modern construction technologies allow without all kinds of difficulties to choose material for the roof, taking into account durability and economy. Most of all, on the roofs of cottages, such materials as: composite tiles, metal tiles and flexible tiles are common. The roof of the building will look good and serve for a long time only if all the elements of the roof are agreed: the material used to cover, fasteners, “collars” for pipes, yendovs, skates and drains. For this reason, it is best to purchase materials for roofs with one set.

Nowadays, metal tiles are one of the most popular materials for the installation of pitched roofs. He combines durability, and the reliability of steel, and a good external.

The varieties of metal tiles are different: the quality of steel that is used in the production of metal tiles, this greatly affects the strength of the material; the quality of the profiling, it affects how sheets, speed and ease of installation will joke;

During the choice of metal tiles, it is advisable to take into account all these qualities. Often you can encounter a situation where dishonest sellers offer a steel metal tile with a thickness of less than 0.40 millimeters for material with a thickness of 0.5 millimeters, as well as overstating the thickness of the protective coating. This can be avoided if the manufacturer indicates the quality of raw materials, but most often this does not happen.